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What is the best card game backpack?

It's easy to find a bag to haul your cards around it. It's hard to find something that is functional to what you want your bag to begin with. Typically, gamers are looking for several features when purchasing a new backpack for all their favorite card games. These features are usually as follows



Security comes in a variety of forms. One of the first things you will notice about the Quickdraw backpack is that the binder portion of the backpack has a totally different access point than your deck storage compartment. Part of the intention with this design is to reduce theft by segmenting access to the different needs of your gaming worlds. The zipper is also closer to the back which makes it harder for someone to tamper with on your back, a surprisingly common method of theft is done this way. 


Waterproof/Water Resistant

It adopts fashionable snowflake waterproof fabric; a material that is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and clean. Which is great for when you get caught out in the rain on your way to or from any gaming event. You spend a lot of money on your hobby and passion of gaming. You don't want any moisture to get in and damage your cards. This back pack is built from the ground up to resist any kind of moisture that could get through. Resistance has it's limitations and we advise never submerging your backpack to test it's limits.



The character defining feature of the Quickdraw backpack is its side access design. Store your deck(s) in this quick access slot. If you're at a competitive event. You don't want to waste precious time setting up by digging through your bag round after round. Use this unique access slot to save yourself time getting ready and be prepared while your opponent sloshes around through all their deck boxes trying to find what they need to get started. There is plenty of room for Dice, Life Counters, and your deck. There is also a mesh pouch on the opposite side where you can store a water bottle or a Playmat and Tube Set your self up for speed at your next event with this master of functionality. 



Focusing on efficiency for events this backpack can hold a maximum of 3 decks. That said, it still has plenty of room for everything you might need. Roughly 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide. You can easily fit a binder or a laptop in the large zip pouch area. The Quickdraw compartment is roughly 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Large enough to hold deck boxes for even your best commander decks! You can easily put three decks in here which is great for locals but we recommend storing some dice and other accessories in here as well. 



With a minimalist design in mind. This bag is from the ground up designed to be sleek and ascetically pleasing. Being as this product was designed with just the necessities in mind you'll be able to relax knowing that your shoulders wont hurt from carrying it around. Being a lighter weight is more ideal for those with Back and Shoulder strain in mind. 


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